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 Hibiki's Characters!

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PostSubject: Hibiki's Characters!   Hibiki's Characters! Empty18/9/2012, 11:33 am

Hibiki's Characters

Kurina Yuki

Hibiki's Characters! KurinaYuki-1

Nickname: Rina-Chan/Rina/Yuki

Age: 16

Race: Human with a bit of Holy Mage in her.

Nationality: Japanese

Place of Origin: She was originally from Fuji, Shizoka Prefecture, Japan but moved to Kyoto.

Appearance: Her eyes are a bright sky blue, she has chocolate brown hair as well as a light skin tone. Her detached sleeves? (Forgot what they were...) are a deep purple.

Her obi sash is a light pink, her top is bubblegum pink with light violet butterflies on it. Her pleated skirt is blue with white rim on it.

Her socks are light sky blue and she wears red shoes. Her hair clips are half butterfly wings with with red dots. She is rather short only about 150cm.

Weapon: They are Twin Wands with gems on the end of each side. They have the ability to shoot out spheres of light which may or may not explode on contact. They can conjure tornadoes as well.

These things are what I'm talking about.
Hibiki's Characters! Gemstick

Element of Choice: Light

Personality: She is usually sweet and kind. She takes everything head on and doesn't stop think at times thus making her very reckless. She doesn't look back at the past or looks toward the future, she focuses on the here and now.

She is energetic and upbeat but can be somewhat of a ditz thus making her prone to not notice subtle signs.

She can take insults and not care about them but if she's in a bad mood she'll get so mad that the person who insulted her just signed their death wish.

Back Story: She had a normal life, simply going to school, having fun with her friends, doing chores. While not perfect she was happy and content. Then someone invaded her homeland, to protect everyone she grabbed whatever she could use as a weapon and voluntarily took up arms to protect what she could.

Fighting Capabilities: She is quick and agile, making her and ideal offensive character. She can shoot balls of light thus making her a long range fighter. At close range, she is unable do anything but use her rather weak kicks, punches and b*tch slaps.

She is also reckless so she can be caught in traps really easily. She has an average defense and weak offense which is made but her quick attacking speed.

She fights by shooting energy ball which come out from her wands that can explode on contact. Her wands are smallish around 40cm, which lets her make some acrobatic feats such as back-flipping away from enemies.

She can deal with Close Range Fighters with ease at times with her agility or just simply by chasing them with a honing energy ball. At times she accidently let's them come to her and get's her *ss handed to her.

Overall she is a good character for support and stealth, but is weak in close combat and very reckless.

Special Abilities: She has a bit of Holy Mage in her so Dark magic will not usually work.

Scatterburst - She jumps in the air and spins upside down and shoots energy spheres in all directions which hone all her target and when most to all energy spheres connect, it creates a huge explosion. (Yeah, this was used by Yuna from FF is this allowed?)

Spherefield - She lifts her wand up and creates a sphere that envelops her and her teammates which creates a golden force field. This shield her from most enemy attack for about 10 minutes. While doing this she is vulnerable to be attacked and can be interrupted.

Blinding sphere - She digs her wand into the ground and shoots an energy ball underground. It tracks the nearest enemy and when it finds them, it pops up and shoots a blinding light which blinds the enemy for about 3 minutes.

Energy Shower/Rain - She shoots a large energy ball when reaches the time limit or when she says so, it explodes into a smaller balls which come raining down like a meteor shower. This can be become a support move in where it explodes into smaller energy balls which come down as healing rain. Using the healing version constantly will make it less effective.

Wand Catch - She conjures a tornado which make her enemies fly up high. Then she catches them with her wand and then makes an energy ball which lifts the enemy fly high again. The ball then explodes when Kurina says "Say goodnight.".

Miscellaneous: She has average grades, mostly C- to B+ with the occasional D+ or A-. She usually get's A+ in PE. She has a tendency to yell "Yatta!" alot. Her favorite food is Hanami Dango.

Kiku Kunazumi

Nickname: Ki-Chan

Age: 16

Race: He is descended nobility but is 7/8 human as he is 1/8 lightning warrior.

Element of Choice: Lightning

Personality: A shy, stuttering boy. He constantly stutters and uses "Ano..." a lot. He hates attention and is afraid of people coming up to him. He is a good friend of Kurina who both have feelings that may go deeper than expected for each other.

To people he doesn't know he stutters a lot "M-much l-like th-this..." However to people he is good friends with he is kind, smiling and genuinely happy, he doesn't stutter unless he is nervous.

However when angry, his eyes go sharp and golden, his hair is even spikier and speaks in a mean, cold tone. He becomes immensely strong and overconfident as well as arrogant and not caring about people's feelings. This is his other personality.

He cannot express feelings very well due to his stutter and is scared of popular opinion. He has a tendency to hide behind people's back due to him being so scared.

Weapon: He uses a tokkosho, a double ended blade with explosive properties. This can deflect bullets, is extremely sharp and is very quick making it a deadly weapon.

That is a tokkosho.
Hibiki's Characters! DOAD_Render_Omega

Back Story: His parents were never around always working, so he got to know parental love. When he was young he moved from placed to placed due to unknown reasons until he finally stayed in one spot in Saitama, Japan.

However due to the lack of good schools, Kiku was home schooled by private scholars. Kiku always wanted to make a friend but those dreams were crushed when he was home schooled. He started to stutter since he was shy and there was so much pressure on him. When moved again to Kyoto, Japan was when he met Kurina at the Private High School.

Fighting Capabilities: He is just as fast as Kurina in attacking speed but far more powerful. Along with the power of the tokkosho, he is a quick and deadly fighter.

At close range he mix up his attacks with punches and kicks. He can create explosions and come out unharmed. He can strike opponents with electricity or embue his tokkosho with electricity for a limited amount of time.

However his low defense and stamina makes him somewhat easy to knock out. He has to make sure he is not using to much energy. Also if an opponent is a long range attacker that does not use guns he will have a rather hard time.

Overall, he is best at close range when attacking and he should be sure not exert himself.

Special Abilities:

Electric Charge - He sends electricity throughout his tokkosho and and embues it with electricity for about 15 minutes.

Lighting Shower of Doom - He lifts up his tokkosho for a bit then a bunch of lightning strikes come raining down around him and his teammates. This cannot be used on two people at once.

Lightning Spread - He slips an opponent of their feet and kicks them into the air and then digs his tokkosho down when nearly land which spreads paralyzing lighting to his enemies and stops them for about 30 seconds. Only can be used when Electric Charge is in effect.

Tokkosho Spin (Ground) - He slides low on the ground, throws and spins his tokkosho like a saw blade around him for about 20 seconds.

Tokkosho Spin (Air) - He spins his like a helicopter which gives him temporary flight for about 5 minutes.

Tokkosho Explosion - He throws his tokkosho right next to his opponent which digs into the ground then explodes.

I'll post his appearance and picture tomorrow.

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Hibiki's Characters!
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