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 Hello fellow travelers!

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Hello fellow travelers! Empty
PostSubject: Hello fellow travelers!   Hello fellow travelers! Empty16/8/2012, 4:32 pm

I'll start by saying thanks to Shadow for sending a link to this site. Just when you thought someone was cool, they become Frieza's brother...in name only...*chirp, chirp* Wow, what a great audience. (Jimmy from South Park, a hero)

As you can tell, I reference stuff...alot. More than I should. I'm very analytical, which everyone I know finds annoying. Someone has to be there to make sure you're speaking coherently.

I'm a giant nerd/geek. & like many, had an okay experience in school. I love Fantasy. Medieval, post-apocalyptic, getting sucked into different universes. The games I play, reflect my love for Fantasy. Kingdom Hearts, Fallout, Star Wars, Elder Scrolls, LotR. The books I read are too many, lol. My favs tho are Song of Ice & Fire, LotR, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time.

Whenever I picture myself in the different settings, I'm always a villain. Don't know why, but fighting for the dark side has been very intriguing to me over the years. I especially like the well-developed villains or the "you think he's good, but he's evil" villains.

I've always wanted to review the movies & games I've seen/played. But never had the tech to post vids or the forums I researched were too harsh on noobs. Always quoting your "user level" if your opinions don't agree with theirs. Or you get called a troll after every post. But, none of that has stopped me from wanting to review...um, things, lol.

Role-playing has always interested me. Ever since my first experience at a Renaissance fair when I was 5, I was captivated by the performers & the world I was in. People make fun of larping, but I say "Isn't Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy one giant, glorified Larp?" Yes, it is.

But, even though I have hundreds of ideas & really care bout the genre, I honestly haven't tested my skills. So, I have no idea whether I'm good or bad. However, I've written some stories during middle school & high school, & my friends really enjoyed what I wrote. I'm looking forward to learning & participating in role-plays with you guys!

That should do it. Anything else you want to know about me, ask away.
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Hello fellow travelers!
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