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 Character Sheets in Shadow RP

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Character Sheets in Shadow RP Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheets in Shadow RP   Character Sheets in Shadow RP Empty6/9/2011, 6:49 pm

Name: (The Name of your Character first and last If the Character has one)

Nickname: (Something people call your character besides the their actual name)

Race: (Alien, Demon, Human, ect.)

Appearance: (Provide a detailed description of your character along with a photo)

Weapons: (Detailed description of the weapons or weapons your character uses)

Home/Place of Origin: (Home land, town, place of birth, planet)

Personality: (how your character acts, thinks and feels)

Back Story: (What has happened with your character before the RP.)

Weaknesses: (Must have a total of 3 Special weaknesses all the obvious human weaknesses are included. If a God, Demon or any non-human being will be discussed with admins until a forum is made regarding those races.)

Strengths: (Total of 3 Special Strengths Ideas, Weapons, People, that give you power)

Special Abilities: (Your powers, mutant, supernatural, or artificial describe what they are)

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Character Sheets in Shadow RP Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets in Shadow RP   Character Sheets in Shadow RP Empty7/9/2011, 8:47 am

*cough* Still no proper place to post them... *cough*
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Character Sheets in Shadow RP
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