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 Ninjastorm45's Characters

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PostSubject: Ninjastorm45's Characters   14/9/2011, 9:19 pm

Name: Knoll Novaq

Nickname: (none)

Age: 20

Race: Elf

Appearance: Average Height, Grey Hair that is messed up (almost like bedhead) with his ears poking out of it. Yellow Eyes, also has Black lined 5 inch tattoos coming up from the side of his face and his chin. Wears steel armor with designs of dragons on the sides.

Weapons: Carries a steel claymore with an ancient writing on it and control over earth.

Place of Origin: Knoll was born in a small town called Jedas.

Personality: He is very mellow and jokes around.

Back Story: His father was taken when Knoll was young to fight in the war. Knoll never saw his father again until the war was over and his father was injured in battle. As Knoll was next to his dying father, his father gave him his sword and died. Several years after his father's death, he left home to find out what the insription on his father's sword meant. After traveling for two years the sword glowed and showed him a location of a cave, in that cave was a crystal that granted the power of Earth. When knoll used the crystal he gained its power. He now travels the world seeking challenges.

Weakness: He can't swim and freaks out in water.

Strengths: His sword is heavier than the average sword, yet he can swing it with ease. He also can block most attacks. Knoll can take on anyone with close range and medium range attacks.

Special Abilities:

1. Novaq Blitz (Offensive Ability): Knoll sets his sword down and runs at the enemy. He gets as close as he can and launches the enemy in the air, he then boosts up and knocks the enemy into the ground.

2. Stone Copy (Offensive/Defensive Ability): Knoll Creates copies of himself made from stone and attacks in sync with his copies. He also uses it to confuse enemies.

3. Rock Barrage (Offensive Ability): Knoll traps the enemy and launches a barrage of rocks at the trapped enemy.

4. Rock Armor (Passive Ability): Knoll has a very small layer of strong stone on his armor and skin that decreases the impact of attacks.

Name: Xerel Hex

Nickname: (none)

Age: 16

Race: Human/Demon

Appearance: Black Hair, Red Eyes with a large scar over his right eye. Wears a Black cloak with a hood.

Weapons: Uses Dark Magic and Necromancy.

Place of Origin: Xerel was born in a small town called Zeadin.

Personality: He has a cruel sense of humor and never talks to anyone he doesn't know or trust.

Back Story: When Xerel was born everyone beliveved that Xerel was the reincarnation of a demon because he had dark magic at a young age. One day a raid on his village seperated Xerel from his family and he had to live on his own for most of his life. When he was twelve years old, an old necromancer found him an inch away from death and he took Xerel in and taught him necromancy. His master made a deal with a demon of rage to make himself more powerful. The demon turned on Xerel's teacher and tried to posses Xerel. The demon's possession didn't completely work. Xerel is in control, but only when he gets to a point of extreme rage does the demon take over. Xerel became an independent wanderer after the indecent with the demon.

Weakness: He has a poor defense and can't beat light magic.

Strengths: When the demon takes over he becomes stronger, even if he can't control his actions. He can attack from a medium distance.

Special Abilities:

1. Demon's Shield (Defensive Ability): Xerel creates a strong shield made completely from darkness. It can reflect attacks.

2. Demon's Rage (Offensive Ability): The Demon takes over and destroys anything on site until stopped either by Xerel's will or defeated by enemies.

3. Darkness of Night (Defensive Ability): Xerel creates a dark mist that conceals everything in the area.

4. Death's Scythe (Offensive Ability): Xerel makes a slash of darkness that cuts through most objects. It weakens him temporarily and takes a lot of energy.

Name: Swane Gyris

Nickname: The Thief of Sun Village

Age: 16

Race: Human

Appearance: Blonde Messy Hair, Green Eyes, Average Height, Wears a Black and Gray Leather Armor, it also has a symbol of a white eye with a gold swirl inside the pupil, it goes across his chest. He also wears a long red scarf.

Weapons: Dual Daggers, Kunais, and Shurikens.

Place Of Origin: Swane was born in The Sun Village which is also known as Azene to travelers.

Personality: He is a knucklehead and is a bit arrogant.

Back Story: Swane lived with his brother Kentix because his parents died in a war with the neighboring village. His brother never liked Swane or the village. Kentix eventually stole a sacred scroll and framed Swane. Kentix escaped with the scroll and became corrupted by its evil. Swane ran and hasn't seen his village in years...

Weakness: He still worries about members of his village finding him. He is a bit inexperienced.

Strengths: He runs fast and has illusion magic.

Special Abilities:

1.) Assassinate (Offensive Ability): Swane disappears and re-appears behind an enemy and attempts to stab the enemy.

2.) Disappear (Defensive Ability): Swane disappears into thin air.

3.) Flash Bomb (Offensive/Defensive): Swane throws down a flash bomb and either uses it to run or stun and attack.

4.) Sun's Fury (Offensive Ability): Swane runs at an opponent and disappears right in front of the opponent and re-appears behind the enemy, then attacks.

Name: Zeth

Nickname: (None)

Age: 19

Race: Human

Appearance: Zeth has white bandages from his waist up, it covers all of his upper body except his right eye. He also wears a pair of black pants with knee guards on it. His hair is jet black and his eyes are red.

Weapons: He likes to fight hand to hand, but he can make weapons out of a pure red energy.

Place of Origin: Unknown

Personality: Calm and somewhat quiet, but extremely angry and violent towards demons or anything close
to them.

Back story: He doesn't like to discuss his past. His past is very complicated, He was torn from his family and sold as a slave. He was bought by a dark mage who was fascinated with demons. Living most of his life slaving away for his abusive master he had to stay their until he was 19. When he reached age 19, his master decide to test one of his experiments on Zeth. The expirement was to see if a demon could transfer it's power to a lesser being. Instead of passing the power, it cursed Zeth with a long red mark that is spread across his chest, arms, and part of his face. He was originally a blonde, but it changed his hair color to black and his blue eyes to red ones. The curse gave him most of the abilities of a demon. He passed out and awoke to his master's face. He then jumped up and ran from his master. Eventually getting away, He covered his mark in a bandage and traveled not knowing where he would go. He now travels as Demon hunter for hire.
Curse: Zeth can't touch any living thing without draining it's energy. There is no known way to lift his curse yet.

Weakness: Weapons that would normally hurt a demon have a large affect on him. He fears demons, but also hates them.

Strengths: He has enhanced senses and reflexes. His wounds can heal themselves faster.

Special Abilities:

1.) Demon Sense (Passive Ability): Zeth can sense demons.

2.) Zeth's Anger (Offensive Ability): Zeth unleashes all of his rage and anger on a single target (Usually a Demon).

3.) Corrupt (Offensive Ability): Firing a blast of energy into a group of enemies, their minds get corrupted by Zeth's will, they fight for him as long as he remains close to them. The closer he is, the more effective.
(NPC's Only.)

4.) Life Drain (Defensive/Offensive Ability): If Zeth can touch them, he can drain their energy.

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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Ninjastorm45's Characters   17/11/2011, 12:57 am

Blargness... Any new dudes I post will be at the bottom... Zeth...
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PostSubject: Re: Ninjastorm45's Characters   17/11/2011, 6:54 pm

3.) Corrupt (Offensive Ability): Firing a blast of energy into a group of enemies, their minds get corrupted by Zeth's will, they fight for him as long as he remains close to them. The closer he is, the more effective.

4.) Life Drain (Defensive Ability): Anyone close to Zeth has their energy drained and transferred into him.

These are the only things I have an issue with.

Corrupt: This should only be able to be used on NPCs.

Life Drain: This should require physical contact or something of the sort.

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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Ninjastorm45's Characters   29/11/2011, 1:23 am

Name: Xereth

Nickname: Fate's Guide

Age: (Unknown)

Gender: Male

Race: Demon

Appearance: Long Silver hair on his left side, Long Grey hair on his right. Yellow eyes. He has a yin-yang looking tattoo on his right shoulder. He wears leather armor. The armor is black with white slashes on the chest.

Weapons: Fate's Edge, a black blade with a white line running through the center of it. It appears in his hand when he wants it to. Dark Magic, Light Magic.

Place of Origin: (Unknown)

Personality: He is calm during most situations. He doesn't underestimate anyone's abilities. He is always on his guard, even if he doesn't look like it. He can be a bit cruel at times. He likes to joke as well.

Back Story: Xeneth is a healer that is also a destroyer. He is able to tap into both the realms of light and darkness. He came into being because of a spirt of fate. He wanders unknowing where he will go or where he will end up. He likes to travel alone, but doesn't mind company.

Strengths: He is somewhat fast and can take multiple hits. He shows mercy only to those that he believes to deserve it.

Weakness: Being control over light and darkness, he is weak to a stronger light or darkness

Special Abilities:

1. ShadowBane (Offensive Ability): Xeneth taps into the realm of darkness and destruction. Bending it to his will, he can destroy almost anything in his path. He prefers to use it more than LightRend. It's stronger during night.(Lesser affect on RP characters)

2. LightRend (Support Ability): Xeneth taps into the realm of light and Radiance. Using it's power, he can heal anyone or anything that he sees fit. He can also use it to illuminate dark areas and cut through objects. Its stronger during the day.

3. Infinity Edge (Offensive Ability): Xeneth takes his sword and slashes once. After a few seconds everything in the sword's slice gets hit hundreds of times. It takes a short time to prepare and is quite easy to dodge

4. Fate's Reach (Passive Ability): Xereth can make his sword appear in his hand when he needs or wants it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ninjastorm45's Characters   

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Ninjastorm45's Characters
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