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 Sony and Me VS EVERYONE

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Who do you think won?
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Sony and Me VS EVERYONE Empty
PostSubject: Sony and Me VS EVERYONE   Sony and Me VS EVERYONE Empty12/9/2011, 2:45 am

Sony's game plan is provide what everyone else provides, but better. To be able to own everything under one company and have it be the best. Such as having a Sony TV and a PS3 connected to it. Go to work check your email on a Sony tablet. Build your life around Sony bringing everything together and closer for a seamless experience.

Watch Netflix on your PS3 then transfer what your watching on your PS3 with your family to a Android tablet made by Sony. The PS3 does everything and so does Sony. Sony is trying to blend entertainment with gaming and social life. So you the consumer won't have to buy other brands and have them not being compatible.

You fail to understand Synergy.


syn·er·gy   [sin-er-jee]
noun, plural -gies.
1.combined action or functioning; synergism.

2.the cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves, or the like.

3.the cooperative action of two or more stimuli or drugs.

Now your saying Sony doesn't have it? Your looking at stocks. The stocks are down but not the Synergy. What is happening is Sony is a Japanese company. Well what do we know about our fellow Japanese? They are hard working honorable people who will die for it. They take no shortcuts nor easy way out. What they have now is what they have earned, but you have companies who BRIBE, CHEAT, STEAL and do anything to climb up the corp. latter. That isn't Synergy when one person is kicking everyone below him.

Sony doesn't do this. They do business the honest way and the right way. How do I known this? Because Japan's economy is leading in the whole world. They might not be rich as America, but at least they are smarter than America and know what true hard work and Synergy is when it comes to business. Because they aren't in a recession like us.

I can tell this wasn't thought through very well. Because Sony's Plan is to make everything seamless and enjoyable to the customer. I will send you some links from some Sony press conferences If you'd like.

Dana BlankenhornSeptember 3 at 4:36pm The point was there is no synergy among the products they make. A great example is the 3D visor. They think it's for watching movies, because they make movies. They don't see it for what it is, a gaming interface.

They make dumb choices and it shows in their results. They don't make money, and that's the bottom line.

No doubt they're great people. But they would be better off broken up into smaller companies that can focus on different areas of business, rather than as one big thing.

Thanks for writing, though.
xXBraveShadowXxSeptember 4 at 12:05pm The 3D visor can be used for your Playstation 3 or for simply watching movies from a blu ray player. It's made for watching movies but it can display video games too. Just like the TV's. I don't see what your talking about here. Because the Synergy is obvious in this situation.

Okay what about the Sony Tablets and PS Vita? Your PS VIta and connect to your PS3. Your playing a game on your PS3 and you have to leave to go pick up someone. So you save your game power down your PS3. You leave the house ,but no without your PS Vita. So your waiting for your friend and as your waiting for your friend you pull out your PS Vita and start playing the same game that was on your PS3. Your kicking some butt and your friend arrives. You and your friend go back to your place to play the very game you were playing on your PS Vita. You power up your PS3 and the spot you left off on the PS Vita you can start on the PS3.

With the Tablet say you have a Sony Bravia or a Google TV made by Sony. You can use your Tablet as a remote device to control your TV.
So most of Sony's products have more than one use or way to use them. Connecting all their products together.

What I think your talking about is Sony is creating too much new stuff too soon. Because most people don't have the Income to buy every single gadget and gizmo that Sony comes out with. So Sony' stocks and sale are lowerd because they make too much new stuff to soon while people are still content with what they have.

Dana BlankenhornSeptember 5 at 10:10am You have a lot of great excuses for why Sony doesn't turn a profit, but the name of the game is profit, and Sony doesn't turn a profit, despite making all this "great" stuff you talk about.

If a management can't figure out how to make a profit on great stuff, the company needs to be broken up into parts so new managers can find ways to make money.

Profit is the name of the game here, not great stuff.
xXBraveShadowXxSeptember 12 at 1:41am Well the only reason for that is everyone was afraid of Sony but now everyone is laughing at Sony because several companies have ganged up on several product fronts.

LG suing Sony for Copying their Blu-Ray player that was built in the Playstation 3 system. Causing sales in Europe to go down for a week.

Sony vs Anonymous (Hackers)
PSN being hacked and peoples account info taken ,but not abused.

Microsoft releasing the Xbox 360 before the PS3 and launching good titles.

Dedicated buyers who are almost brain dead, because they continue to buy the same over and over again (Xbox 360) after it has heated up and died several times.

GeoHot another hacker cracking the PS3 and modding it.

You don't have to read every single one to know that EVERYONE is against Sony.





See you have all these loyal customers who will defend their favorite company till the end. Even the companies themselves are calling Sony out making remarks and insults.Sony Is just keep on keeping on. I mean If people would open their eyes and look at what Sony is offering then people would buy it. BUT no one ever does open their eyes.

As a proud Sony customer I am more than satisfied with the products. They do everything I need and more. Sony always has and will because that's Sony for you. Creating things that are more than just useful.

If it weren't for everyone ganging up on Sony. Your Topic on your thread would be different and we would be agreeing on how we both think Sony is doing great.

You have very bias people who think closed minded. I am not one of those people.

I mean look
At Sony's past achievements recently.
Think about your family and your friends.
All connect seamlessly.
Sony Bravia HDTV
Sony Playstation 3 Gaming system
Sony Playstation Vita Portable gaming device
Sony Ecirsson Phone
Sony Vaio Laptop

All connected.

Come onto Seekingalpha.com on your Sony Vaio Laptop.

Watching some of your friends play your Sony Playstation 3 on your Sony Bravia while you can join in with your PSVita.

Have your wife or family member call you on your Sony Ecirsson during the game and tell them you sick so you can continue the game with your friends.

Your friends decide to watch Rambo so you used your Sony Vaio and log into Netflix and Sync it with your Sony TV.

You get the Idea the possibilities are endless. Does profit really make a good company? It can and it should naturally. But in this case Sony Doesn't need the money to be a good company and provide great products. Because they already do that on their own and that's what they are doing now. Working toward their dream and future goal. Make everything universal and easy to use. A seamless experience for all their customers. Look what they go through on a daily basis and still pump out great stuff.
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Sony and Me VS EVERYONE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sony and Me VS EVERYONE   Sony and Me VS EVERYONE Empty12/9/2011, 8:38 am

Dude, you were supporting freakin' SONY. Of course you won!
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