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 Jangetta's Characters

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PostSubject: Jangetta's Characters   Jangetta's Characters Empty11/9/2011, 8:32 pm

Name: Lana Asis

Nickname: She doesn't have a nickname

Age: 175 (She looks 17)

Race: Lana is a fox demon.

Jangetta's Characters Untitled
Lana stands at a height of 5' 6" with white hair that flows down to her thighs. The bells on her robe are extra sound waves in case she needs extra power to carry her magic. Her shoes are normally not sandals but small flat footed ones. She doesn't enjoy being touched by many and hisses under her breath if she does not trust the person who is touching her. She's never without her flute in her hand or at the base of her body in a pouch she holds by her left thigh. She also carries a variety of dried herbs and poison mixtures in vials.
Weapons: Flute and bells

Home/Place of Origin: She hails from a temple shrine where her tribe was split into two, the defenders and the healers.

Personality: Her face makes her seem very personable and she is quite conversational due to the lack of people she conversed with in her tribe. She's sometimes awkward and doesn't know when to stop talking sometimes and gets too far in depth with her stories. She's very happy and bouncy. Her voice is a bit higher pitched almost like she learned her tone from her flute. She's well mannered and behaved. She does not have a high self esteem and is quite humble about everything about herself.

Back Story:
Lana was born with an unknown stature. Her parents, loving as they were, were considered a disgrace to be with one another. Her father was a born defender and her mother was a healer. The pathways of those were chosen by their birth, which is why it was forbidden for two of the separate branches of the tribe to merge with one another due to the fear the elders felt for it was unknown to them. Her mother fell in love with her father when they were in battle with another tribe trying to take their land. Her father was mortally wounded and she was his healer. Each healer was assigned to their counterpart defender when they completed training. They fell in love once he was saved by her when he felt his heart and body failing him. She raced to the battlefield and let almost all of her magic flow to him. Tysca, her mother, collapsed on the battlefield. Her father protected his healer and their bond past just healer to defender was almost instantaneous. Their meetings, so secret, finally came to an end when Tysca realized she was pregnant. Their traitorous love became revealed to the tribe and Tysca and her father, Nukio were almost completely disgraced.

The tribe did not abandon them for Tysca was the last healer that knew all those who had passed knew. Lana was born in a tribe that absolutely feared her. Their fear soon raised to terrified the day some of the other tribe children picked on the fact she couldn't do anything in her fox form for having such powerful parents. She cried and her body released a pulse of pure magic from her body and threw each of the children 7ft away from her body, one of them was thrown into the trunk of a tree. She never really spent much time in her fox form after that.

She learned the flute from an elder who never recovered from battle. He was the only other person who was kind to her besides her parents. He taught her how to harness her magic in the ways of the sound waves. She also learned medicine from her mother. Her father also taught her how to use magic against others. Her power never came to a limited end when she tried her hardest, especially in her fox form. Her struggles to control it is her only handicapped. Her power was never fully reached in the tribe for no one would teach her the most well kept parts of each trade. She was fully capable of each tribe branch duty though.

She left her tribe once she reached the age of 170. The demons aged 10 years equal to one human year. Her parents understood, but refused to leave to teach those who were younger than they and pass down the wisdom they were taught. They said their farewells and they all realized, unless she was fine with herself, she would not come back.

Weaknesses: You know getting stabbed in the body, bleeding, normal human Poop. She can just heal herself. Her main weakness is just her in her fox form.

Strengths: What more do you want from her...? Seriously... D:< (Okay so she has a knowledge of herbs and poison.)

Special Abilities: She transforms easily into the form of a white fox but she cannot control her magic as well due to her reliance on sound waves. He magic flows but her accuracy is sadly awful. Her frustration with herself sometimes makes her power go haywire and she harms all around her.
Fox Form:
Jangetta's Characters Seireitous_kitsune_form
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PostSubject: Re: Jangetta's Characters   Jangetta's Characters Empty29/10/2011, 10:10 pm

I won't pester you further. :]

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Jangetta's Characters
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