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 Battle Grounds

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PostSubject: Battle Grounds   Battle Grounds Empty11/9/2011, 2:52 pm

Some of you may ask yourselves when seeing this forum, "Why is it even there? Does this mean we can't have fights in any of the other rp categories?". Well if I were you, in which I'm not, obviously, I would then say "Dammit, I love fighting! This sucks!". Hopefully some of you out there are like that as well.

I digress.

Alright, here's the thing. And I'll put it in nice bold for you so that it catches your attention even more.

Fights are NOT; I repeat NOT, only allowed in the Battle Grounds.

"Why does it exist, then?", you may ask. Well if you'd stop interrupting me, I'd get to the point.

The other rp categories, being Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, Historical, and Hybrid, are for mostly storyline rps. They're perfectly allowed to have some fighting in them. It's just that it's flip-flopped for the Battle Grounds. Battle Grounds is the cliche place where talk comes to an end and you want to rip your opponent limb from limb. Or for tournaments. Those are the same thing, right?

I'll be hosting tournaments here monthly. There will be special rules there.

Right, then! On to the other important things.

Rules for Fighting

Besides the usual rules of no godmodding and such, you may post additional rules for the fight itself. All other participants in the fight are required to make a post agreeing to the rules, make a post denying the rules, or make a post for negotiation of them. If a fight thread is rejected and shall go nowhere, it shall be promptly deleted by yours truly, so as not to take up space.

More rules are subject to be added later, but for now, this should do. Have fun, guys! Break a leg! ...literally. >.>
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Battle Grounds
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