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 Athiron's Characters

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PostSubject: Athiron's Characters   11/9/2011, 1:56 am

Kenny Sinclair

Name: Ken Sinclair

Nickname: Kenny

Race: Human, with several robotic parts.

Kenny has a skinny, child-like build. Robotic, black and white mechanical wings protrude from his back, and are able to lift him off the ground for short periods of time before the mechanics time out for cool-down. Both legs, (as well as his right arm and a good majority of his chest and back) are made entirely of metal, having been subject to bizarre, yet life-saving experimentation. He has longer, golden/blonde hair, and despite his crimson eyes, always manages to have an innocent look to him.

Weapons: Kenny prefers not to fight, but when he has to, the metal feathers of his wings can be detached and used as knives. Blades are also installed into his metal arm. Linked directly to his brain, he has the ability to extend them at will. "I don't like it when blood gets on me, though."

Home/Place of Origin: Somewhere in Germany

Personality: Having been raised in a higher-class home, Kenny has surprisingly good manners for a child of his age. He's rather mellow, but is easily riled up by trivial things. Being only nine, he has an unwavering innocence about him that never fails to shine through. He sees life through simple eyes, and will not hesitate to share his opinion with people much older than him when he thinks they're wrong. Having been through some very serious situations, he understands the depth and meaning of life much more than the average child.

Back Story: Raised in a wealthy family, when Kenny's body was mangled in a car accident when he was seven, his father funded an extensive experiment in order to reconstruct his son's body. The result was a fuse between child and machine, a moving, breathing, human work of art. Before his mechanical wings could be completed, his parents, ironically, were killed in an accident, leaving him alone. When he stepped outside to confide in his neighbors -- all of whom had previously thought him to be dead a year before -- he was shunned and feared. Confused, he fled his home city in search of somewhere.

Weaknesses: Childish innocence, fear of cars/traffic, fear of death. His wings can overheat if used too extensively, temporarily keeping him grounded, and magnets can render him completely immobile. "I dunno, I just stick to them..."

Strengths: Childish innocence, acceptance of death, acceptance of ridicule. Robotic arms and legs never become tired, so I suppose you could say he has ridiculous stamina. Temporary flight is possible.

Special Abilities:
As stated previously, Kenny has...
* Limited flight.
* Unlimited stamina, due to his mechanical arm and legs.
* The ability to remove metal feathers and use them as blades.
* The ability to project a hidden blade from his metal arm.

In addition, he also wishes to point out, "I can also spin around really fast and move my wings a whole lot and it looks pretty neat. That could probably hurt people, I think. You know, if they stood too close. I dunno, actually. But probably. Oh, and I can also punch people."

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Age : 24
Location : A place that strongly resembles Antarctica.
Posts : 65
Reputation : 3
Join date : 2011-09-04

PostSubject: Re: Athiron's Characters   11/9/2011, 3:38 am

Makoto Cooper

Name: Makoto Cooper

Nickname: Cooper, The Inventor

Race: Human, slight demon ancestry.

Appearance: Standing a little over six feet tall, Cooper has a slim build with long arms and legs, often dressing in sophisticated clothing (complete with a tie and the occasional top hat), and is never seen without his trusty inventor's goggles over his forehead. He has pale skin, emerald eyes, and long, darker brown hair that never seems to comb completely straight. He usually has at least one of his inventions on him, and always keeps a notebook for sketches, invention ideas, and the occasional helpful demonic spell. His robot, Mech, usually sits on his shoulder, making brief, one-word comments and asking questions.

Weapons: Golden Pistol, minimal demonic spells, Mech the Robot.

Home/Place of Origin: Unknown.

Personality: Very personable, Cooper is excellent at communicating and working alongside other people, always managing to be generally pleasant and well-mannered despite being a naturally quiet person. While often times mysterious and somewhat reclusive, his introverted personality rarely interferes with his daily life, therefore allowing him to enjoy the company of other people. He's very tolerable, patient, and accepting of other peoples' views.

Back Story: Always intrigued by machines, even as a young child, Cooper spent his time taking apart any machine he could find, later using the pieces to construct new, better machines, his favorite being a little robot toy he made by taking apart clocks and watches. As he got older, he perfected his skill, becoming a master inventor and creating weapons and unique, custom technology. After learning of his demon ancestry, he discovered the demonic power resting within his human body and utilized it, teaching himself how to bring his inventions to life. His first success was Mech, the robot he created when he was little. Orphaned as a teenager, he considers Mech his younger brother.


Weaknesses: Thinks too much, rather overprotective of Mech, needs his notebook for demonic spells, relies heavily on technology.

Strengths: Highly logical, highly intelligent, not easily fooled. Occasional demonic spells can aid him with just about anything, and he can create marvelous machines with limited supplies.

Special Abilities: As previously stated...
* Can command Mech to fight for him. (Mech is actually pretty powerful, equipped with several weapons.)
* Can use demonic spells to immobilize enemies.
* Has the ability to create machines and bring them to life. (He's working on bigger robots.)
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Athiron's Characters
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